Fly Tipping Services

Fly Tipping Services

Fly Tipping, or illegal dumping, is a big problem in both urban and rural areas. It involves illegally dumping waste like household items, industrial materials, or garden waste. Unlike littering, which deals with smaller items like wrappers and bottles, fly Tipping involves larger amounts of waste.

In England, there have been over a million cases of flytipping in a single year. Even though household waste dumping is decreasing, it’s still a major issue that needs addressing.

Here’s how we do Fly Tipping

  1. Act Fast: When we learn about a fly-tipping incident, we quickly respond. We work with local authorities to coordinate a swift cleanup.
  2. Clean Up: We carefully check the dumped waste and remove it safely and efficiently. We’re equipped and knowledgeable to handle different types of waste, ensuring everything is separated and disposed of according to the law.
  3. Dispose Responsibly: We focus on ethically disposing of waste. LV81Van recycle materials like garden waste and donate items that can still be used, aiming to reduce landfill waste.

Why Pick LV81Van for Flytipping?

  • We care deeply about the environment and the communities we serve.
  • We offer customized solutions for each situation.
  • We work closely with both landowners and councils to effectively manage fly-tipping.

FAQs on Fly Tipping

1. What to Do if You Discover Flytipping Waste?

  1. Report It: Always report fly-tipped waste to the local council or the Environment Agency. This helps in taking action against the illegal dumping and aids in the cleanup process.
  2. Landowner’s Responsibility: If the waste is on private land, it’s the landowner’s job to clear it away, but we can often get advice or help from the local council.

2. How Long Does It Take to Remove Fly-tipping Waste?

The time to clear fly-tipped waste can vary. Local authorities handle the cleanup, and how quickly we can do this depends on how much waste there is and what kind it is. We may also have services to speed up the process, but you should check with them for an estimated time.

3. Can You Handle Hazardous Materials Yourself?

If the dumped waste includes hazardous materials, don’t try to handle it yourself. Report it to the authorities so that professionals who are trained to deal with hazardous waste can safely manage it.

4. What Are the Penalties for Fly Tipping?

Fly-tipping is illegal and those caught doing it can face heavy fines or even prison time. The exact penalties depend on how severe the case is.

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