A green skip with recyclables in a charming Bournville village at dusk.

How Our LV81 Skip Hire Service Works

Easy Steps to Rent a Skip from Us

  1. Choose Your Skip Size: Decide on the size of the skip you need based on how much trash you have. We have different sizes, from small for home projects to big ones for commercial use.
  2. Get in Touch: Call us or visit our website to tell us what you need and when.
  3. Set Up Delivery: Let us know where and when to deliver your skip.
  4. Permit Arrangement: If your skip needs a permit to be placed, don’t worry, we’ll take care of getting it from the local council.
  5. Skip Arrives: We’ll deliver your skip on the day you choose.
  6. Fill It Up: Put all your waste in the skip during the rental period.
  7. Ready for Pickup: Once your skip is full, just let us know, and we’ll come to collect it.

Same-Day Delivery

Need a skip today? At LV81, we make it happen. Once you book with us, our team gets right on it to deliver your skip the same day in Bournville. Our efficient service and quick response mean you won’t have to wait.

Why Pick LV81 for Your Skip Hire in Bournville?

We’re all about being green and keeping costs low. Our skips are priced competitively, and we focus on recycling as much as possible to help the environment. By choosing us, you get excellent service without breaking the bank, and you support recycling efforts.

  • Our Green Promise

At LV81, we care about the planet. We make sure the waste collected is recycled properly, reducing landfill use. Join us in our mission for a cleaner, greener future.

  • Great Prices, Great Service

We believe in providing top-notch service without charging too much. With LV81, you get the best of both worlds – affordable prices and reliable skip hire. Choose us in Bournville for a hassle-free experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How quickly can I get a skip delivered in Bournville?

We offer fast skip delivery in Bournville. You can get a skip delivered the next day, and sometimes even on the same day, depending on where you are and our schedule. Just call us to sort out the details.

2. What can and can’t be placed in a skip?

You can throw away lots of things like home trash, garden rubbish, and building waste. But, some items aren’t allowed in the skips, like hazardous stuff, asbestos, and batteries. We’ll guide you on what’s okay and what’s not.

3. Do I need to be there when the skip is delivered or picked up?

You don’t have to be there when we deliver or pick up the skip. However, it’s good to be around when we deliver, to make sure the skip is placed just where you want it. We’ll coordinate with you to find the best time.

4. What happens to the waste once it’s collected?

After we pick up the skip, we take care of the waste in a way that’s good for the environment. We try to recycle a lot of it to reduce the amount going to landfills. We work with licensed waste handlers to manage the waste properly.

5. How can I extend the hire period if needed?

If you need the skip for longer, just give us a call. We’re flexible and can extend your hire time if needed, depending on availability. Keep in mind that there might be extra charges for longer rental periods.

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